March 23, 2015

Milan: Shopping result

I found some really nice clothes and I got inspired by some amazing shops in Milan. In this post I will show you what I bought. 

1) Hottest deal: The classy YSL Blazer 

This Yves Saint Laurent blazer is the best item I ever bought. I found the classy piece in the Vintage shop Cavalli e Nastri. The blazer is from 1970 and it is still in a very good condition.
I am so happy that I found this unique and rare piece.

I added a tight black belt to my checked YSL blazer.

2) Superstars: Adidas sneakers

I wanted to buy these sneakers for such a long time already. In Milan I've seen them and I decided to buy them right away. They are very comfy anyway. Right now they are extremely fashionable as well. Almost every fashion blogger has a pair of this shoes. They can be worn with everything, elegant or casual. They just make the outfit look a bit cooler.

3) Pleated maxi skirt

This skirt is just another cool piece I found at a small Vintage shop in Milan. I just loved the pleats and it was pretty cheap.

4) Catalogues and Magazines

To make sure I am always up to date in fashion trends, I went to several boutiques (Céline, Hermés, Dior,...) and asked for a catalogue. The catalogues are truly inspirational and they succeed in making me wanna buy their whole collections. is my new favorite fashion magazine. The fashion director Rachael Wang selected the best pics from street style and catwalk (fashion shows). 


  1. Love the blazer!! How much did you pay for it? xx