March 11, 2016


Hello everyone! I just changed my blog url to:

Atelier Judith is like an imaginary workspace where I create ideas and share inspirational stuff about art, style & more.

- Hope you will keep reading my posts-
Yours, Judith

February 24, 2016

High up in the loft

I recently discovered a very fancy bar/restaurant in the center of Vienna. "Le loft" is a sky bar with some real big city vibes. It's located on the 16th floor of the amazing hotel "Sofitel Vienna" 

February 20, 2016

Minimalistic shapes

During these cold and cloudy days my outfits are just like the weather - a lot of white, black and grey. And I don't even feel like colors would be appropriate.
But keeping it minimalistic and simple isn't always that easy. If you don't want your style to be too usual, then add a big hat or a "special piece" like I did with my small 60s bag.

February 6, 2016

University of Vienna

I actually don't know why this post comes so late but I guess I didn't have enough time to prepare such a post before. 
So, my biggest dream since loads of years is to be a student at a old, historical university. 

January 27, 2016

The eye-catching piece

My latest philosophy of style is all about combining minimal clothes to eye-catching outwear. I love wearing black jeans, sweaters and a unusual jacket, coat (in this case: blazer) always fits well with that.