February 15, 2015

Visiting the capital of Bavaria: Munich

Guten Tag! Good morning!

Yesterday I went to Munich for shopping and visiting the city. It was my 7th time in Munich and I still enjoyed it. 
Munich is a nice but cold city. It was really freezing, I'm not used to this cold. Anyway it was a nice day. I've seen a lot of cool places and the shopping tour was successful. 

About the inhabitants:
What I noticed is that people in Munich are:
- soccer freaks (I've seen tons of people wearing a Bayern- München scarf) 
- all very friendly if you ask them for any information.
- not as stylish as people in Milan or Paris ;)

I'm showing you the best photos:

Marienplatz: main square in the center of Munich

  Abercrombie model ;)

Abercrombie store is heaven!

Karlsplatz, another important square in Munich

Englischer Garten (English Garden); a big park in Munich

One of the oldest bookshops in Munich; so many great books!

Evening in the city.

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