February 16, 2015

Everything about me

I got a request to do a post about me. So I decided to tell you some things about me as a person.

My name is Judith, I'm 18 years old and I go to High School (graduating this year). I have a younger brother and he is like my best friend. We talk about everything and he's really funny to be with.
I am a open-minded, funny, creative and ambitious person.
I am very bad at maths and sometimes I am critical.
I am not very athletic anymore, but I was dancing for about 7 years and I go skiing sometimes.
I live in South Tyrol, in the northern of Italy and my mother tongue is German (a dialect). Most of the people who live here, speak German as their first language. That has a historical background. Before the First World War South Tyrol (the place where I live), belonged to Austria and during the war they lost a fight and had to give that place to Italy.
Since then we belong to Italy, but we still speak a German dialect. I go to a German school, speak German with friends and family even though I'm living in Italy. At school I learn Italian as my second language. There are still some problems between the two language groups who live here. Italians think Germans are stupid and vice versa. 
But I see it as a great chance to grow up with 2 languages. Languages are very important to reach something in the world. I speak German, Italian, English, Spanish and a bit of French (want to make a course now).

 Loved the time in Paris so much.

Travel the world:
Next to languages I also love travel, culture and art.
My motto says: "The world is a book and those who don't travel, only read one page." 
I know that I am very lucky to have the possibility to travel anywhere I want. I am really thankful for that.
I know too many people, who would have that chance too, but they want to stay in their hometown for their whole life.
I am completely different. Whenever I travel somewhere, also for some days, I never want to come back home. The world is so big and full of adventures. Get out of your town and visit all the beautiful cities and places out there.
My 2 favorite destinations since now were: 
PARIS and FLORENCE, two amazing cities, full of culture and lovely people.
When I go to a city, I find it's a must to see some culture and art. Because that's what makes the city so beautiful.
There's nothing better than exploring a new place.

Last summer in Venice.

Next chapter: books
I am a book freak. I love reading romantic and dramatic books. In my room I have almost 60 books, of whom all belong to me. When I'll have my own apartment, I surely will reserve one room for my personal library. 
I prefer reading English books, because they are written with a lot of dialogues and that's what I like.
My favorite book is "One evening in Paris" and I love all of John Green's books.

Me & Fashion:
I love Fashion since I was very young. 
I always loved shopping, creating outfits, reading Fashion magazines. Last September I finally opened this blog, mainly about Fashion and I love to show different styles.
My favorite designers are Armani, Saint Laurent Paris and Elie Saab. Their clothes are heaven.
My biggest dream is to get a designer bag one day. And a even bigger dream is to attend a fashion show by one of these designers.
My favorite clothes shops are Zara and Abercrombie.
I like to wear hats, coats, skirts and red lipstick to make the look special and elegant.

About dreams:
I think it's extremely important to have dreams and to believe in them. If you really want something, you have to fight for it and then you'll reach it. Everything is possible.
I personally have a lot of dreams starting from the perfect love ending at a great job. 
Talking about the near future, I would like to go to a good university and later I would like to work as a journalist for a newspaper or magazine.
Another dream of mine is to live in a tiny apartment in Paris for some months. That would be amazing.
Then I also wish to find a boy, who is like me. Someone who really loves me and someone who I like to be with.
Talking about boys/love I have to admit to be very old-fashioned. I would appreciate it, if a boy would write me a letter and send me flowers (I love tulips and roses). I hope there are still some of these boys out there.
If we talk about society, I sometimes think to be different than everyone. I do not really like to go out and drink alcohol or smoke, which is "strange" for a teenager. I just prefer to stay at home, read a good book or watch a Leonardo di Caprio movie. That's just so much better in my eyes.
A lot of people at my age, think they can only have fun with alcohol. Some might even talk bad about me, but I absolutely do not care about their stupid comments. I just live my life, the way I like it. You should always be loyal to yourself.
If you like something, that others do not accept, just be proud that you are different. You see the world with different eyes.
Talking about wishes, I would like to publish a book once in my life. I love writing about feelings and thoughts and I have a journal (diary), where I write down everything that comes to my mind.

Lake Garda; my second home

Another interesting fact:
When I meet a new person, I usually seem pretty shy.
But if I know someone for a longer time, I talk a lot and I like to joke around or say funny things.
I am a person, who is pretty moody. In the morning there should rather nobody talk to me, because normally I am very tired. There are days, when I am totally happy and smile all day long, but there are also days, when I am not in such a good mood. To stay in a good mood I need to listen to music I like, which is pop music and classical music.
I also love taking pictures and I was overwhelmed when I got my first Canon camera. I really take photos of everything; food, clothes, flowers, people, myself (selfies). Some people who stay with me, even get annoyed by my stress to take pictures of everything and everyone.
I never start eating my food, until I have not taken a pic of it. And I like to share the pics via Instagram or my blog.
   Taking pictures with my iPhone in Paris.

One time, someone told me that I am a very interesting person, because I have a lot of contrasts.
On one hand I am a creative (bc I like fashion, books,..) and dreaming person and on the other hand I am a realistic person (bc I like politics, economy,...). The person added that I am just very different than other people.
That was a compliment for me and I will never forget it.
When I feel alone, this will always come to my mind and I will be proud of me.

If you have more questions about me, just ask in the comment box and I'll answer all of them.

Lots of love, 

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