October 6, 2014

Paris memories

I'm being pretty busy with school these days. That's why I didn't have time to take new photos and you might have been wondering.
I decided to create a "Lookback on Paris". I'll show you photos, give you tips and tell you nice places to visit if you go to Paris.I was in Paris the 4 first days of july and it was so fancy.


I just loved the beautiful buildings and my biggest dream is still to have a small appartment in this amazing city. I took all the pictures with my iPhone 5s and I have to say that I'm totally happy with the quality. 

This street (french: Rue Tourlaque) was a really cute street next to our hotel. At night or early in the morning I would go for a walk and get inspired by all the breathtaking buildings and friendly people. Before this trip I had always thought, that French people are not friendly at all, but in reality it was the opposite. They were always funny and interested. 
By the way I love their language. French is such a romantic, beautiful language. I really want to learn it and I think it wouldn't be difficult to study.

If you go to paris, you find a lot of art. In every street you will find artists and divine paintings. Especially in "Montmartre", which used to be the artist quarter in ancient times. Our hotel was exactly there and it was so romantic there. I loved it!

Musèe du louvre was definitely one of my favorite sightseeing points in paris.
You MUST see it. I have never seen so much beauty and architecture in one place like louvre before. I was lucky and even got in for free (I was under 18). There were so many paintings inside. Of course I also saw Mona Lisa. It's not only for who likes art, but there is something fo everyone. From Monet, Dürer to Leonardo da Vinci. I enjoyed it and was inside for almost 5 hours. Anyways the time at louvre is never a waste!

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