October 6, 2014

Fashion and food in Paris

If you are in Paris, you realize that it is a city of fashion. 
Parisians have a special kind of style. I totally enjoyed watching them and soon I will buy the book "How to be a parisian". You can order it online here if you want to learn about their behaviour and their elegant lifestyle.

If you are a fashion-freak like me, you need to go to the biggest shopping mall in paris: 
"Galeries La Fayette"; you can find every famous brand there and at the top there is a terracce with a breathtaking view over paris. 

This was the most beautiful view over paris. I took it from a special restaurant/lounge bar.
On the top of our hotel (http://www.terrass-hotel.com) there is a nice bar, called "Terras en haut" and you can have there dinner and enjoy a panoramic view over paris. 
Dinner time is all about tasting fine wine, enjoying creative cocktails and sharing fine meat and french cheese from a high quality.

 Check out more about this restaurant here.

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