January 13, 2016

Royal mood

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of posts but I was really busy with uni. Now exams are over for a while and I finally got some more time for my blog. 

So let me tell you a story about these photos: 
I would definitely say I like nostalgic stuff. I bought this old suitcase at a local flea market and it's one of my favorite decoration pieces of my room. The black skirt which I found at a small vintage store in Milan is one of the most special clothing pieces I own. Sadly there aren't many occasions I can wear it to but somehow it fits well into my flat with its antique furnishings. So here's my conception of royal portraits - I feel like these photos totally represent me and my character. 

I was wearing:
Shirt: Vintage shop, Budapest
Black maxi skirt: Vintage shop, Milan
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Lipstick: Chanel


  1. Beautiful picture dear, I just love it! And this suitcase is magic, I may hit some flea market for some finds then!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, flea markets are always a good idea :)
      Lots of love.