March 9, 2015

Fruit infused Voss water - 3 steps

Today I will explain how to do the famous fruit infused water.
I've seen lots of pics of the cool Voss bottle filled with fruits, so I had to try it too.

Step 1
Buy a Voss bottle (find it in every grocery in Austria, Germany,...). Sadly we have none of the rad bottles in Italy.

Step 2
Select your favorite fruits. It can be everything (apples, pineapples, orange, lemon, strawberries, raspberries,..).
Fill a half of the water in your bottle in another bucket.
Cut the fruits in little pieces, so they fit in your bottle.

Step 3
Put the fruits in the bottle and also put back the remaining water (from the other bucket).
Then leave the bottle in the fridge for one night and taste the fruity water.

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