February 1, 2015

Meeting Chiara Ferragni

Yesterday something spectacular happened:

So as I found out about Chiara Ferragni's stay in Val Gardena, South Tyrol, I decided to visit her.
I thought it might be clever to visit her at night, because that's the only time she will probably be in the hotel.
She was staying at Hotel Val Gardena Grödnerhof, which is a luxurious 5 star hotel in Val Gardena, South Tyrol.
I was there at about 7pm and I had been drinking something in the hotel bar, while wondering where she might be right now. After almost 1 hour of sitting and waiting, I decided to go to a restaurant to eat something and come back later.

When I was in the restaurant, I checked her Instagram and saw that she was in the hotel pool, spa.
I wanted to go back instantly, and so I did.
Then I told the women at the reception that I had to meet Ms. Chiara Ferragni and I asked her if she could tell me where she would be and if she could come down for some minutes.
Surprisingly the women told me to wait here because she would be dining right now.

I was waiting for about 45 minutes. Then I finally spotted the beautiful Chiara Ferragni. I marched over to her and said:"Ciaoooooo Chiara!!" She looked at me questioning and I explained her, that I was waiting here for her.
She smiled lovingly and reached out her hand to me: "Ciao, sono Chiara, piacere" which means "Hi, I'm Chiara,nice to meet you." Then her dad took some photos of us (Chiara, her 2 sisters, Valentina and Francesca, my brother and me).
She was sooo nice and patient. Then she reached out her hand again and said: "È stato un piacere conoscerti" which means:"It was a pleasure to meet you". And I felt so thankful and happy. I think I said:"Grazie" (Thanks) almost 100 times.
Then they left and I was soooooo overwhelmed.
These few minutes were so great and went by too fast.

Chiara Ferragni, me, Valentina Ferragni, Francesca Ferragni, my brother

Chiara is such a big inspiration and idol for me. 
She achieved so much and I really look up to her.
Anyway I am so happy that I met her in person. Thanks for this amazing experience! Hopefully I'll see her again at Fashion week in a couple of weeks.

PS: Never give up your dreams.
xx Judith

See photos also on my instagram: judithbradl
Visit Chiara's blog: theblondesalad.com

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