December 1, 2014

About male models & stylish boys

When we think about fashion, we automatically think about women. Women on the runway, women as bloggers, everywhere women.
But lately there have been more and more men/boys entering the world of fashion.
Nowadays fashion is close to everyone in the society. Everyone of us can wear nice clothes, open a fashion blog or even attend fashion shows. 
And there are a lot of boys who are style-conscious and like fashion as we girls do.
I noticed these boys especially in big cities like Milan, Paris and Rome.

Enjoy these amazing photos of stylish men and male models:

Kevin Caoimhin O'Brien (english male model)

Mariano di Vaio (italian blogger & model)

Dylan Sprouse (actor & model)


  1. the model up there is mariano di vaio not gian maria sainato :)

    1. You're right. I'm sorry for the mistake and thanks for telling me :)