September 29, 2014

Welcome on my blog

Hello everyone and welcome on my blog.
My name is Judith, I just turned 18 and I live in Italy (in a small city in the north; it's called Bolzano).
For my 18th birthday I recieved a Canon camera (EOS 700D) and that's why I decided to open up a blog. I love taking photos when I'm on trips and I always wanted to open a blog to share my pictures.

You should know that I love fashion (my friends say I'm the biggest fashion freak they have ever seen). My biggest dream is to be invited at a fashion show by Michael Kors or any other great designer one day. I'd like to sit in the first row and be a famous blogger.
My inspirations and idols are international bloggers like Kristina Bazan, Julie SariƱana (sincerelyjules) and Chiara Ferragni.
I also get inspired by local known bloggers like Vicky Klieber ( or Verena Lazzeri (

My motto for life says: "The world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page."
I love traveling and I'm so glad I've already seen so many places.
Last summer I was in Paris, Venice and Florence. 
Paris was the most beautiful, unforgettable trip in my life. I'm gonna tell you more about paris in another post.

Enjoy my blog
Yours Judith

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